Dead Things Made Pretty

Last week I received a DM from an Animal Rights activist on a mission to have a bunny-killing monster removed from Instagram.

The activist was well aware of my love for rabbits as I often post cutesy-wootsy, fuzzy-wuzzy wabbits in my stories. So, surely I’d be on board for the takedown. I hit the link she provided and had myself a good look. After a few minutes on Evil Bunny Killer’s Instagram I abandoned the order to report images and instead, gave them all likes.

Dani is the Artist behind Dead Things Made Pretty and I think what she does is fascinating and beautiful.


the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals with lifelike effect.

I don’t believe people get into Taxidermy because they have immense hatred for animals. I’d say its quite the opposite. 

As I slowly scroll through each image on her Instagram and read every caption and comment, I can say with absolute certainty that Dani practices her craft with compassion and respect for the animal. She doesn’t kill or slaughter or expedite death to facilitate her artwork. She seems very conscious about the pre-death treatment and ethical procurement of her specimens. She’s transparent with her followers and even encourages discussion from people who may oppose what she does as long as the conversation remains respectful and polite. She’s here to share her passion and educate.

After spending a few hours throughout the week in her comments, I’m happy to see she’s very respected and adored by her followers. The real evil here is organizing attacks on someone and their profession without having a full understanding of what they do. However, I think a growing fanbase for DTMP would be the result of such campaigns as it would draw more people into the wonderful world of what I thought was a lost art.