Denver Airport

Author: @austere_wyatt

The Denver Airport is a very strange place. For one, it’s obnoxiously big. It’s TWICE as big as the next biggest airport in the US. The picture below shows it’s size compared to the city of San Fransisco.

It was also obnoxiously expensive. It cost around 5 billion dollars to build, which was 2 billion over its original budget. Building it also took longer than expected. By more than a year.

However, when it finally opened in 1995, people wondered what all the fuss was about. There didn’t seem to be anything special about it. But there were some odd features people noticed. One of the main oddities being the creepy artwork found all throughout the airport.

Statues of demons and murals portraying violence and destruction decorate the hallways. One of the paintings even show what appears to be a German soldier and a letter from Auschwitz. Another mural shows the destruction of nature. Why would you greet travelers this way?

But the mural I find most odd is one that seems to depict the whole world coming together after a future holocaust, kind of like a creepy prophecy.

Some of these murals have been taken down. Instead people now see huge signs mocking conspiracy theorists. An example of the truth being hidden in pain sight?

But the main attraction, which still stands today, is a giant blue horse sitting in front of the airport. Locals believe the statue is cursed because the man who made it died while working on it. The statue actually collapsed on him, killing him.

People also believe it’s satanic. Other than the fact that it has piercing red eyes, it could also be a reference to the Biblical pale horse, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Notice the pale horse represents death.

Why does everything at this airport revolve around the end of the world? Well some people believe the elite built the airport as a way to hide a massive secret underground luxury doomsday bunker. If shit ever hit the fan, they could retreat there.

There’s plenty of evidence to support this claim. There are miles of tunnels beneath the airport. It’s even a documented fact that buildings were buried during the airport’s construction. Why would they do this?

There’s also claims that the airport could double as a hospital in a time of crisis. Some speculate that these tiles, which say AU AG, are not really talking about gold and silver, but actually Australian Antigen.

Is it possible that the elite are planning an apocalyptic plague like scenario where the majority of the world is killed off and only they are left? Could this be aligned with the Georgia Guidestones? A mysterious monument which promotes the depopulation of humanity.

After the apocalypse, the elite could come up out of the ground and rebuild civilization. They’d probably call it something like the New World Order right?

Curiously enough, there’s a freemason capstone inside the airport dedicated to the New World Airport Commission. Something that doesn’t even exist. But even stranger is the fact that beneath the plaque is a time capsule meant to be opened in 2094.

Others believe the airport is a future concentration camp. Not only are its runways shaped like a giant swastika, but there are rumors that the barbed wire on the surrounding fences point inward, rather than outward. Who would they be trying to keep inside?

Could they force citizens into concentration camps like they once did in the past? What if the government declares martial law during some national emergency?

TBH, I think this was the plan. But with the corruption in high places being revealed, I have hope for the future, and I believe we are waking up faster than they ever anticipated.

I’ve heard that the elite’s plan B is to fake an alien invasion and that that would supposedly get us to agree to their New World Order.

However, if we continue to wake up, I believe this can be diverted too. If you would like to read more threads, let me know what you want me to write about in the comments and consider donating. Thanks for reading!