In The Shade of the Sun

I dream i can’t sleep
Think i should leave
You can keep the fillings
In my teeth
There’s no one to blame
’cause this ain’t a game
The disease and the cure
Are one and the same
If i’m alive or i’m bored
If i’m dead or ignored
You’ll be on my mind

[Verse 2]

I hope you’ll agree
We didn’t get wasted
For free
’cause if you believe
It’s harder to see
The whole’s the best part
Of siamese hearts
Forever in debt
Forever disarmed
In the shade of the sun
We’ll bloom ’till we’re young
’till i’m on you mind

You look like summer
Wouldn’t dare to survive you
And i can’t stand any colour
I can black out
That’s what we’re used to

[Verse 1]

[Verse 3]


[Verse 4]

Since i’m nowhere
I’ve never felt more
Out of place
I’ll burn my tongue
’till i forget your taste
In the future you’ll be
The most beautiful past
When tomorrow’s sunk into
My world of glass