If you see a lie somewhere, take out your Sharpie and fix it.
~ Nic Stinson

April 11

Marta Timmer

Far Away


Denver Airport

Author: @austere_wyatt The Denver Airport is a very strange place. For one, it’s obnoxiously big. It’s TWICE as big as the next biggest airport in the US. The picture below shows it’s size compared to the city of San Fransisco. It was also obnoxiously expensive. It cost around 5 billion dollars to build, which was […]

July 2021 playlist

mindseedmusic.com Kitten Spitt Post-Cheese Media Ambassador linktr.ee/Ambassadormc

Dead Things Made Pretty

Last week I received a DM from an Animal Rights activist on a mission to have a bunny-killing monster removed from Instagram. The activist was well aware of my love for rabbits as I often post cutesy-wootsy, fuzzy-wuzzy wabbits in my stories. So, surely I’d be on board for the takedown. I hit the link […]

April 9


Travel far enough, you meet yourself

The Youniverse
Chris Giraldo • Shared by Andrea

April 7


“Marla’s philosophy of life was that she might die at any moment. The tragedy she said, was that she didn’t.”

IIITAIII – Where is My Mind

April 5


Mip Power Trio – My Midnight
Dilly Dally – Marijuana
Shitbats – Ego Amigo

April 4

Vanilla Blood

Slothrust – Planetarium
BRUTUS – Sugar Dragon
Sierra Ferrell – Rosemary

April 3

Rowell Soller

Worm’s World
Lost Tapes of The 27 Club
NFTs Will Kill Us All

April 2



“Ces Noix”
Jacques Leezard

April 1

DC 88/20.3/0.786/68 -16


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