If you see a lie somewhere, take out your Sharpie and fix it.
~ Nic Stinson

April 11

Marta Timmer

Far Away


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Social media platforms are complicit in censoring Palestinian voices

Kelly Lewis, Queensland University of Technology As the Israel-Palestine ceasefire agreement holds, social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram (which is owned by Facebook), continue to come under fire over the censorship of pro-Palestinian content. In times of conflict, any kind of censorship by major platforms can erase evidence of state-sanctioned violence, human rights abuses […]

Dead Things Made Pretty

Last week I received a DM from an Animal Rights activist on a mission to have a bunny-killing monster removed from Instagram. The activist was well aware of my love for rabbits as I often post cutesy-wootsy, fuzzy-wuzzy wabbits in my stories. So, surely I’d be on board for the takedown. I hit the link […]

Jez Pics

By: Jezebel at kaotic.com 78/59.6/4.22/117

April 9


Travel far enough, you meet yourself

The Youniverse
Chris Giraldo • Shared by Andrea

April 7


“Marla’s philosophy of life was that she might die at any moment. The tragedy she said, was that she didn’t.”

IIITAIII – Where is My Mind

April 5


Mip Power Trio – My Midnight
Dilly Dally – Marijuana
Shitbats – Ego Amigo

April 4

Vanilla Blood

Slothrust – Planetarium
BRUTUS – Sugar Dragon
Sierra Ferrell – Rosemary

April 3

Rowell Soller

Worm’s World
Lost Tapes of The 27 Club
NFTs Will Kill Us All

April 2



“Ces Noix”
Jacques Leezard

April 1

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